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SeaTac Passenger Data

With data from the Port of Seattle's 'SEA Airport Statistics', I've looked at how monthly passenger frequency has changed at SeaTac since the COVID-19 pandemic.


After the COVID-19 pandemic nearly stopped air travel in April 2020, airports have slowly seen their passenger totals return to pre-pandemic levels. The same can be said about the Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SeaTac), which saw their May 2022 numbers reach 95% of the average May passenger totals from 2016-2019. However, SeaTac's return to pre-pandemic normals has been driven by domestic passengers. In the past three months (March-May 2022), domestic passengers are at 98% of what they were pre-pandemic, while international passengers are only at 77%. That said, international passengers have seen their numbers increase significantly since March, and in May reached 86% of what their average was from 2016-19.

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